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Auntie Candle


Bird of Paradise- Black Raspberry Vanilla- Black Coconut- Black Amber & Lavender- Bourbon- Butt Naked- Baja cactus blossom - Mahogany Teakwood - Clean Linen- Creme Brûlée- Cupcakes at Tiffany’s- Cucumber Melon-- Frozen- Lemon pound cake- Jamaican me crazy - Lick me all over- Butt Naked- Cocoa butter Cashmere- Monkey Farts- Cupcakes at Tiffany’s - Lemongrass- Mahogany Coconut- Stress Relief- Tooty Fruits- Volcano- Pink Chiffon- Almond- Wildflower- Cinnamon Sugared Donuts- Hibiscus Palm- Blueberry Cobbler- Eucalyptus- Sage- Lemongrass- Watermelon-

The Cool AuntieDoes hair, has all the tea, cray cray

The bougie Auntie-  Cool, top of the line everything, buys the best gifts

Mama Auntie - took the place of granny when she passed, arranges family gatherings, loves to laugh and keep it real

The deep auntie- Anyways trying toanalyze and fix people , can be a bit pushy but you still love her

The holier than thou auntie- Turned her life around, very judgemental, goes to church on sunday

Nononse auntie - actually cool, can actually scrap, miss her with the bs