About the Maker

 My name is Andreak'ka Bradley I created Pretty Queen Candles in the Summer of 2018. As you can imagine I never knew it would be what it is today. I create candles for moms, wives, the woman who need encouragement or someone who may just be looking to send a gift.

My candle making first started because of a obsession and love for candles. I was that girl who would go in the store for one thing and would leave with 10 candles. I wanted my candles to be different, and at first I honestly didn't know how I would do that. I prayed and prayed then finally it came to me after writing affirmations on my mirror. I decided to put those same words from my mirror on candles. Dealing with everyday life and social media sometimes we women need something to up lift us. Just like you I am a mother and wife and having something and some time for myself is important candles has and will always be how I selfcare.

-Andreak'ka Bradley 

All Candles are made with Soy wax & Handpoured in Texas 

No Actual Location everything is made in my home