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Scents Readily Available 

- Strawberry kiwi

- Creme brulee

- Sunshine passionfruit

- Bird of paradise

- Pineapple mango

-Lemon pound cake

- Mango Papaya 

- Plumeria 

-Funnel cake

- Pink Santeria 

- Green Apple

- Butt Naked 



Custom Instructions (Please add to notes section)  

  • Scent 
  • Initials & Color (only for monogram circle) 
  • Color 

It will take 5-7 business days for your order to be ready (Monograms have to be ordered due to the vinyl) 

🚨If all information for custom is not in discription we will guess or cancel the order 🚨

Please watch your email if you order a bow a email will be sent to you to choose your bow color


Some scents are naturally stronger than others. Air fresheners can last from 2 weeks to 3 months. Hot climates can make the scent smell more strongly, but also can make the scent not last as long. We cure our beads for the longest possible amount of time to insure the strongest scent available for the maximum amount of time.


Air aromas can be used in your car, locker, drawers, gym bag etc.


Under normal circumstances, air fresheners do not melt. Please do not use with car foil sunshade as this attracts the sun/heat. We are not responsible for damages due to misuse.